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the supremes

Here’s a briliant speech delivered on Boston Legal.  And it’s especially timely give the Court’s recent decision in the Lilly Ledbetter case.  And don’t forget the voter ID ruling. (thanks to Mike in Maine)   


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hubert’s freaks

A new book with the lost photos of Diane Arbus.  I’ve already ordered my copy.

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24 years in the cellar

Today’s horror story waiting to be written.   Here’s more on Herr Fritzl.  

“He led a double life with one family of seven children, with his wife, and a second family of seven children, with his daughter.”

(thanks to Mollie in Austin)

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the mummy

Today’s short story waiting to be written comes from Matt in Columbia.  Gruesome indeed.

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 Our friend and fellow South Florida writer, Stuart McIver, passed away last week.  Stuart was as kind a man as I have ever met.  And brilliant.  Our thoughts are with his wife Joan and his family.  Oline Cogdill remembers Stuart on her blog and has links to more material.  You can browse Stuart’s books at Amazon.

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dmitri decides

We will get to read The Original of Laura.

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to live and die in dixie

Our movie gets its VIP showing on Friday in Grand Rapids.  We’ll be there. 

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